How We Work

Tailor made travel...

Propertravel Consulting Limited Company serves as a ”Travel Design Studio” and works on service charge basis.

While designing your tailor made Turkey travel itineraries we use our expertise and cooperate with different travel agencies in different parts of our country, in order to get the best possible service.

Our service providers are the best ones in their regions, and we can work out “miracles” – waitlists get cleared, upgrades mystically appear, emergency rows and bulkheads become available, and any issues are resolved in short order.

Propertravel does not offer REGULAR tour programs and work exclusively on the private basis.

Our travel consultants create “the” travel itinerary to each and every traveler.

By using Propertravel services & expertise in Turkey, you would be able to save time, money and prevent yourself from undesired surprises (hick-ups) and obtain full assistance during your visit to Turkey.

We only suggest places that we know very well and the hotels that we have inspected. Boutique and special class hotels, deluxe and accommodations, hotels with cave rooms in Cappadocia (very unique hotel rooms within cave dwellings), best available private yachts for blue cruise on the crystal clear Mediterranean or Aegean shores or bare boats and motor yachts to charter, hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, romantic honeymoon ideas and arrangements, private guided tours and luxury transportation arrangements such as private jet and helicopter rentals, car rentals are just a few we can offer for a pleasant and memorable holiday in Turkey…

Propertravel gives consulting services for Civil Weddings in Turkey and designs tailor-made honeymoon packages.

We travel throughout Turkey, twice a year to freshen up and improve our database for our guests’ convenience. We also care and evaluate carefully all the feedback we receive from our privileged guests.

After getting the necessary information from our guests regarding their travel needs, interests and budget, finally we tailor their holiday.

With an e-mail, you could already be one of our guests.

As desires and interests couldn’t be the same; you will not be able to find a sample itinerary on this website!

You can check our Special Interest Tours for package tours on our travel agency website…

Travel arrangements & bookings are catered by our own travel agency; Travel Atelier licensed (A5328) by the Turkish Tourism Ministry.

If you let us know the price range you are ready to pay, we will be happy to give out some recommendations and even make the reservations on your behalf. If you are interested in our offer of preparing your itinerary, then we will need to write a few more emails to get most questions cleared like dates, rates and places of interest, where to stay and how long, what to use as transportation, local places, etc. together with our suggestions... Sincerely, accurate and in timely manner.

Should you need assistance from us to organize your itinerary fully or partially, your needs of transportation including domestic flights, car hire, chauffeur driven trips, private transfers just let us know. We usually get better rates from the hotels than their internet rates or rack rates, and we apply these rates to our itineraries for your convenience. 7/24 assistance on all itineraries is a bonus.

Depending on the duration of your stay and the time we spent on your itinerary we ask for a service charge to cover the communication fees. You don’t have to worry about bookings etc. and bypass the language barriers or misunderstandings as we will be 24 hours reachable and be available when you need assistance for your travel needs. If you wish and let us execute all the bookings on the itinerary we also drop the service charge out of total amount. In return, on your specially prepared itinerary, you will receive all necessary addresses with contact numbers beside your reservation confirmations in hand. On request, we may supply you maps, guidebooks, and documentations regarding the regions you are interested.

Your questions and comments are welcome. Be assured that we will do our best for you.